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Criminal Defense

We are committed to protecting your rights against any felony or misdemeanor charges through criminal defense.


When your personal relationships are at stake, Law Office of Doug Emerson provides the Divorce guidance you need.


Providing legal representation for over 25 years, attorney Doug Emerson has the experience you need to overcome your legal issues.


The Law Office of Doug Emerson is located near the square in Weatherford, Texas.  The office offers legal services in a wide variety of cases in Parker, Tarrant and surrounding counties.  This is a general practice firm which concentrates on criminal defense law, domestic/family/divorce law, contracts and select personal injury cases.  We also offer representation for traffic violations and driver’s license suspensions.   We are a general practice firm providing legal representation in a wide variety of cases.

The law Office of Doug Emerson offers the services of a larger firm combined with the personal touch of a smaller office.  You will have direct contact with the attorney and your legal options will be explained.

The decision to hire an attorney is one that should be made after carefully considering the circumstances of your case.  Your case may be a criminal case in which you face incarceration; a civil case in which you face the possible loss of property or money or a domestic/divorce case where custody, child support and your relationship with your children is at stake.  Regardless of the type case you have, you will want competent legal representation. Your choice of attorney may be the most crucial decision you make at the initial stage of your case.  You should select an attorney in whom you have confidence, is knowledgeable of the legal issues in your case, conscious of the personal, hurdles you must overcome, and is able to communicate effectively with you and the opposing attorney.  In short, you need a competent attorney that is able to explain the legal issues to you and aggressively advocate your position to the opposing attorney.  This is accomplished in part by knowledge of the legal issues you face and an understanding of your personal circumstances.

If you are involved in a legal proceeding, either criminal or civil, you must be confident that your attorney will aggressively assert your rights and advocate on your behalf.  The Law office of Doug Emerson has been providing aggressive legal representation for over 26 years.

When faced with a legal case and the possible financial and personal consequences, you want an attorney with the experience to see your case through to a final disposition.  Many times, with the advice of their attorneys, the parties are able to reach a settlement in their case. Other times trial before a judge or jury may be the only alternative.  Your attorney's job is to tell you the benefits and detriments of each choice.

Whether you face a government/ State prosecutor in a criminal matter or a private attorney in a civil case, they must know that your attorney is ready and willing to take your case to trial.  When you have an experienced trial attorney willing to try your case, the opposing side will be more likely to seek a favorable settlement out of court. If trial is the only option, then your attorney is prepared to take your case to trial.

The Law Office of Doug Emerson has over 300 jury and bench trials.  If trial is in your best interest, we have the background and experience to see you through what may be the most difficult time in your life.

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